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Greenland has been associated with Denmark over the past many centuries. In 1971, Greenland transitioned from being a County in Denmark to Home Rule, and in 2009 Greenland transitioned to Self-Government.

BioApp’s proprietor started his work in Greenland in 2007, where the glorious financial days in theearly 00s, triggered a great demand for minerals. This led to a significant increase in interest from the mineral exploration companies for activities in Greenland.

Shortly after the founding of BioApp in2012, a alliance was with other consultants in the Arctic was started. This fruitful collaboration has led to many well-executed projects. As a fewexamples are the two operational mines at the moment, the "White MountainMine", Feltspat mine (Anorthosite), at Kangerlussuaq (Sønderstrømfjord) and Aappaluttoq Rubin Minen at Qeqertarsuatsiaat  “Fiskenæsset”. Prior to the WhiteMountain mine, BioApp and associated partners orchestrated the preparation ofthe EIA report and made the baseline collections and baseline report. At Rubinmine, the same team conducted additional baseline collections as well as designed the monitoring program, which aims to monitor environmental aspects of the mine's operation. At present BioApp together will partner is helping Greenland Ruby with all environmental aspects of the Ruby mine, including the monitoring program.

In addition to the above, BioApps chief biologist have been involved in a great part of the most promising mineral deposits since 2007, example. Kringlerne (REE), ISUA (Iron),Northern Disco (Ni-Cu-PGE), and the re-opening of Maarmorilik (Pb-Zi).

In many ways, the Greenlandic legislation is very similar to the Danish legislation. Thus,Greenland also required that prior to major construction works, such as mineral extraction, an Environmental Assessment (EIA) must be prepared. Furthermore, a baseline describing the environment before the mining activities are started is needed also. Baseline studies should, as a rule of thumb, include two years of sample collection. Two seasons are needed due to the year to year variation.


Maks Klaustrup

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