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BioApp have made numerus collections of terrestrial organisms in Greenland. The collected organisms are subsequently analyzed to determine the level of various trace metals and environmental substances. In recent years, BioApp has also completed numerous qualitative and qualitative botanical studies. The qualitative studies include the preparation of species lists along selected transects in connection with infrastructure facilities. The qualitative studies include a calculation of the relative occurrence of plant species within a 1 m2 in different habitat types.

Our services:

  • Quantitative / qualitativebotanical study.
  • Collection of lichen (lichens)
  • Mapping plant communities/habitattypes
  • Observations of mammals (Fox, hare, caribou, muskox and polar bear)


In connectionwith mining projects in Greenland, collection and analysis of lichens isrequired. The species collected is the lichen Crinkled Snow Lichen (Flavocetrarianivalis) which is good for accumulating metals and even growing old. CrinkledSnow lichen can easily be mistaken for other lichen species, and it requires experience to complete a proper collection. In Greenland, approximately 520 valcular plants can be found. Of these, 32 species are endemic to Greenland, i.e. only registered in Greenland. In the Greenlandic flora 5 plants (orchids) that are not yet threatenedbut are particularly vulnerable. The botanical studies aim to map the flora in anarea and thereby register vulnerable species. Such a mapping requires knowledgeof habitat preference for the species of concerned, in order to be able to locatethe vulnerable species if present.


Maks Klaustrup

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