Offshore - Greenland

The coastal area extends from the coast to a water depth of 20-30 meters. The protected fjord areas is protected by islands, with typical water depths from 50-500 meters. The offshore area is directly exposed to the North Atlanticand unprotected islands. These areas experiences water depths from 20-30 in vicinityoff small islands to over 4000 meters.

BioApp has served as a specialist in marine biology and expedition leader in a number of offshore marine surveys.

What can we offer?

  • Collection of biological organisms.
  • Deep-sea fishing for shrimp, snow crabs, etc.
  • Sampling of sediment - even in the area with many rocks.
  • Infauna studies
  • ROV and Video inspection of the seabed
  • Water samples
  • Profile measurements of the water column
  • Bathymetric seabed survey especially prior to the construction of port facilities
  • Preparation of depth maps
  • Setting up AWAC (Acoustic Wave and Current Profiles

BioApp has designed and conducted offshore studies in Greenland in connection with thebaseline collections. Sampling included deep-sea fishing for deep-sea shrimp and snow crabs, water samples, video footage inspection of the seabed, sediment and infauna sampling and CTD profile measurements with SeaBird probe. The tasks were carried out by chartered vessel.


Maks Klaustrup

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