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BioApp has conducted biological studies of lakes and rivers in Greenland. We have experience in all freshwater disciplines, from sampling and preservation ofwater samples for chemical analyzes, over invertebrate studies and population estimates of arctic char, to deploying automated water samplers.


  • Estimates of Arctic char by electro-fishery
  • Mapping of rivers with a focus on barriers are for the Arctic char
  • Surveys mapping invertebrate communities
  • Water flow measurements
  • Measures of physical-and chemical parameters
  • Collection watersamples for chemical analysis
  • Deploying andrunning of automatic water samples (ISCO 3700 samplers)
  • Profile measurements in Lakes Lake survey
  • Bathymetry mapping of lakes


BioApp hascarried out a great number of studies in rivers and rivers in Greenland. Allmost all surveys are made as a part baseline collection prior to mining. Tailingis sometimes deposited in lakes. To assess the usefulness of a lake as atailing lake, a lake survey must be made to determine the available volumeavailable. Furthermore, trace metal components in may leach from the tailings(in the lake) into the water column and transported through rivers and end upin the sea, which is the final recipient. On its way through the rivers, some environmentalhazards can have a major negative effect on the biological organisms. Tomeasure a long-term effect, macrofauna surveys and population estimates of arcticchar may be necessary. In order to know the total amount of chemical elementsleaving a lake, water samples may be collected and analyzed, and measurement ofwater flow should be installed. BioApp has extensive experience in designingand executing baseline- and monitoring programs and have with associates beeninvolved in one of the existing mines in Greenland.


Maks Klaustrup

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